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Health insurance In San Marcos


American PPO

Ancillary Care Services (ACS)

Beech Street

Blue Shield (Oct 2014)

 CFCM (Cal. Foundation for Medical Care)


Coastal Comp Healthnetworks


Evolutions Healthcare Systems, Inc

First Health/CCN/Coventry

Fortified Provider Network (FPN)

Galaxy Health Network

Global Medical Management

Health Management Network

Health Systems International (HIS)      


Independent Medical Systems

Integrated Health Plan (IHP)

Intelligent Medical Solutions MPN (IMS MPN)

Medicare (Noridian) (Oct 21014)


National Choicecare Inc (NCC PPO)

National Preferred Provider Netwrok (NPPN)

Netwroks by Design (NBD)

Pacific Health Alliance

Prime Health Services, Inc

Private Healthcare Systems, Inc

Procura Management, Inc

Provider Select

Rockport Healthcare Group Inc

The Reny Company

Therapy Direct

Tricare (Oct 2014)

Three Rivers Provider Network (TRPN)

Union Pacific RR Employees Health System


USA Managed Care Org.

WC Expansion Program

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